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iPhone 14 Pro Charging Comparison: 20W vs MagSafe vs 100W!

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Today we test the iPhone 14 Pro's charging speeds with three different chargers – the default Apple 20W charger, a MagSafe wireless charger, and – just for fun – a monster 100W charger! Let's see if the phone charges any faster with that one!

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00:00 Introduction
00:48 20W vs MagSafe vs 100W
01:45 15 min check
02:29 30 min check
02:52 45 min check
03:26 60 min check
03:55 1 hour 15 min check
04:16 1 hour 30 min check
04:33 1 hour 36 min check
04:54 First charger to reach 100%
05:19 1 hour 45 min check
05:34 2 hour check
05:46 2 hour 15 min check
05:58 2 hour 20 min check
06:14 Should you buy a 100w charger?
07:09 Conclusion
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