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iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Camera Comparison

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In our iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra camera comparison, we pit the new iPhone 14 Pro Max against Samsung’s finest S22 Ultra to learn which one takes better photos in various conditions. In this camera comparison you will also see which one comes out on top in terms of video recoding quality.

Read the full iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Camera Comparison: https://www.phonearena.com/reviews/iPhone-14-pro-max-vs-samsung-galaxy-S22-ultra_id5404t

00:00 iPhone 14 Pro Max or S22 Ultra?
00:28 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Front Camera Video Test
01:09 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Front Camera Test
01:41 iphone 14 Pro Max Camera Specs
02:03 iPhone 14 Pro Max 48MP vs 12MP
02:36 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Main Camera Test
04:01 iPhone 14 Pro Max new 2x photo feature
04:29 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Night Photos Comparison
05:10 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Ultra-wide camera night photos
05:40 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Zoom Test
06:19 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Portrait Comparison
06:58 Action Mode vs Super Steady Mode
07:50 Cinematic mode vs Portrait mode
08:01 iPhone 14 Pro Max vs S22 Ultra Video Sample Comparison
09:53 Paid promotion
11:10 Is the new iPhone 14 Pro Max better than S22 Ultra?

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