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Jose Cordeiro - The Future of Technology and the Technology of the Future | Talks at Google

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Forget flying cars and robot butlers. If José Cordeiro has it his way the future will be a far more interesting place. What's more, it may be coming sooner than many of us ever imagined.
A member of Nasa's Singularity University and global think-tank The Millennium Project, Cordeiro is one of an increasing number of researchers encouraging everyone from schoolchildren to business leaders to think big – very big – about the future. Do you want mental powers of calculation that make the most powerful supercomputer of today seem like an abacus? No problem. Do you want to beam your thoughts directly into the minds of others? Technology will provide the means to do so. It will even, Cordeiro proclaims, grant us immortality.
Since abandoning a career in petroleum exploration and financial consulting, Cordeiro has made a name for himself as an in-demand writer, researcher and speaker, along the way building up an impressive CV. As well as his positions in the Singularity University and the Millennium Project, he is involved with more than a dozen organizations and institutions, has appeared in national newspapers in Japan, Korea, the US, France and Brazil, and has shared his ideas about the future at several prestigious conferences including TEDx Rio+20.
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