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Kai Goebel: "Systems Health Technology at NASA Ames Research Center"

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To ensure mission success, NASA has at its disposal a suite of tools and methods. These include the use of reliable components that are designed to ensure that mean time between failure satisfies mission requirements. Next, hardware redundancy is employed to provide backup capability of critical components. Active health management can be carried out where autonomous online component performance monitoring is performed and where indications of abnormal behavior are determined. This talk centers around the advanced capability of this technology. Questions that we try to answer include: How does one detect the early onset of faults with limited sensing? How does one ensure that sensor misbehavior does not throw off the analysis? How does one determine when a component will fail? The talk will illuminate the past, present, and future of this field with a number of examples, including those of an Android phone enabled rover that was used for fault injection experiments.

Kai Goebel is the Deputy area lead of the Discovery and Systems Health Technology Area at NASA Ames Research Center
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