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Launchpad Online: Automating YouTube stats with Google Apps Script

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Have you ever been asked by your boss to do something simple but long and tedious, such as counting up the view counts for your corporate videos and your competitors'? What about outside of work where you and your gamer friends are competing to see whose replay clips get the most views? This is a boring task that's easily processed from a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the help of Google Apps Script and the YouTube Data API.
In this Launchpad Online episode, Google engineer Wesley Chun () and special guests propose a scenario that may not be so different from real life including a line-by-line code walkthough that can get you started building a solution in JavaScript that will make your boss' (and you) happy!
* New to Google Apps Script video ()
* Spreadsheet with Apps Script code ()
* Apps Script Execution API documentation ()
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