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Laundry Sorters: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. In more recent centuries, doing laundry may have been seen as a woman's job. But the very first launderers were actually men. The Ancient Romans were some of the first people to have laundry services. At the time, clothing washers would wash dirty clothes in large vats of hot water. They would then stomp on them with their feet. When the clothes were clean, they'd hang them in front of their homes to dry.
Fact #2. Medieval Europeans didn't have a dedicated profession for laundry. They preferred to wash their own clothes. They would typically do this in a river. They'd scrub and beat clothing against boards to help the running water pull dirt out of them. Once clothes were clean, they were laid out in the sun to dry.
Fact #3. On laundry day, there's always the additional task of dumping a full hamper out and sorting each item into its separate category. They all need special treatment. Laundry sorters help you do this task. Most units allow you to put whites, delicates, stronger materials, colors, and darks each in their own area. They also help prevent the terrible mistake of accidentally putting a dry-clean only item in the wash.
Fact #4. People who do a lot of laundry on a daily basis often need to carry heavy laundry baskets to and from machines. One study on the occupational risks of housekeeping found that carrying heavy loads is one of the top causes of musculoskeletal injuries. To address this problem, most laundry sorters come on wheels. One can easily roll them to washing machines.
Fact #5. Many laundry sorters combine several tools in one. They have an attached ironing board and hanging rack so items that can't go in the dryer can be hung straight out of the machine. This reduces the incidence of wrinkles. Most are made from mildew-resistant materials, since mold and mildew love to grow inside of a home.
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