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Linus Attacks YouTube Commenters - WAN Show January 27, 2017

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Timestamps courtesy of Ghost and JJMC89.
00:04:45 - Why Level1Techs?
00:15:05 - Seagate will bring a 16TB hard drive to market within 18 months
00:17:34 - Reactions to the "Does $1000 Windows Perform Better??" video
00:21:45 - More details on Windows 10's upcoming 'Game Mode'
00:26:00 - Watercooling
00:30:57 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:33:05 - Sponsor: Vertagear
00:34:39 - Ex-Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai is now FCC Chair
00:35:21 - Vivaldi CEO calls on Microsoft to 'do the right thing' and stop aggressive Edge pushing
00:40:50 - HP laptop batteries catching fire, HP issues recall
00:41:16 - Nintendo UK publishes some solid Switch information
00:45:55 - Microsoft HoloLens: firm admits sales figures are in the 'thousands'
00:47:22 - First UHD Blu-Ray drive for PC to be put on sale from next month - but there's a catch
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