Looms: 5 Fast Facts


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Fact #1. Woven textiles have been a part of human culture for many thousands of years. This ancient art was most certainly present during the Neolithic era, when humans began farming. Researchers have even found a scrap of textile that dates back over 5,000 years. In addition, multiple references to looms and weaving can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible.
Fact #2. The earliest looms were large, unwieldy machines that required two or three people to operate them. Most weaving was done in the home, often by children or slaves. The first major improvement came during the Islamic golden age, around the 8th century CE. A foot pedal was added to operate the heddle, freeing up the weaver's hands to pass the shuttle. This technology spread throughout Medieval Europe.
Fact #3. If you're tired of impersonal gift cards, and you're constantly searching for a way to make gift-giving more special, a loom opens up a wide array of possibilities. When you are familiar with a friend or family member's home decor, you can create fun accents like pillow covers, small rugs, placemats, or napkins. Or you can treat someone to a hand-made scarf or a unique bag.
Fact #4. You're probably interested in either trying a new hobby, or looking for a different kind of gift for a creative child. While you might be inclined to choose the largest or cheapest option to get you started, consider how it will be used before making your choice. Do you envision yourself working on projects while watching television with the family? Some smaller units are designed to be used right in your lap.
Fact #5. Portable units are ideal if you want to start or join a neighborhood crafting group. You can find smaller, traditional wooden models that weigh less than 10 pounds, or you might want to consider a knitting version for maximum portability.
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