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Massive Giveaway: iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy s7 Edge & more

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Special thanks to the Candid team for sponsoring this video giveaway!
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So if you've noticed, the biggest problem with social media lately is that you can't really speak your mind. Whether it's concerns over what others will think in your follower count, or the fact that family and friends are part of those followers, lately the concept of "speaking your mind" is rather limited. Many years ago the whole concept of user forums and the anonymity of your user name did a lot, but we all know that can be breached. Candid is a new social media application that intends to change that. Your anonymity is everything, so you no longer have to worry about people following your tracks.
Candid is so confident on their new product that they've partnered with us for a giveaway. This is International, and you have a chance to win an iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge, OnePlus 3, ZTE Axon 7, and a Huawei Honor 8. Each of these are products we've recommended in our reviews, and really all you have to do is download Candid, log on the service, and play around with the app. Make sure you follow the Pocketnow group, you can participate for one entry to win by writing a quick review of Candid, but if you want to go for 10 entries to win, create your own YouTube video review on your personal channel and add a link to it in our group. Make sure you drop your twitter handle in the post so that we can track who won.
I'll be announcing winners two weeks from now on the Pocketnow Weekly, and winners will be chosen depending on the most valuable feedback to the app, and yes, the giveaway is international.
Start by downloading Candid here:
Join our group: Pocketnow
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