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Mercedes Benz GLC (2020) - Interior Design, Exterior Design & Driving Scenes

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2020 Mercedes Benz GLC Interior Design, Exterior Design & Driving Scenes

The GLC will be furnished with the up and coming age of four-chamber petroleum and diesel motors. The pivotal component of the M 264 two-liter four-chamber motor from Mercedes-Benz is the expanded yield at essentially lower fuel utilization. In the GLC 200 and GLC 300, the M 264 four-chamber motor replaces the M 274 ancestor motor, the OM 654 four-barrel diesel motor replaces the OM 651 forerunner motor.

The new motor age is of incredible significance for lessening CO2 outflows and is a deliberate headway as to bringing down utilization. The fundamental innovation segments are CAMTRONIC variable valve control, which warms up the fumes framework without driving up utilization, the twin parchment turbocharger and the extra 48-volt framework with belt-driven starter-generator. Particularly the blend of 48-volt on-board control supply and belt-driven starter-generator expands the dexterity, improves the solace qualities – and essentially brings down the fuel utilization. This is made conceivable by the framework allowing vital crossover capacities, for example, "vitality recuperation" "lift" and "cruising mode" without high-voltage parts – to be increasingly explicit, boosting, recouping up to 10 kW of vitality (in the rev run up to 2500 rpm) and working in cruising mode with the motor turned off.

Stricter prerequisites and lower limit esteems – the four-barrel OM 654 diesel motor is structured with an eye on further diminishing utilization and discharges just as bringing down working expenses and improving motor yield The most vital parts of the fumes gas aftertreatment framework are straightforwardly mounted on the motor for effectively lessening emanations. Moreover, measures for warmth protection and further created coatings, for example, SCR innovation (Selective Catalytic Reduction) cause an extra abatement in emanations. To decrease the nitrogen oxide outflows further under higher burdens, the OM 654 is outfitted with an extra underfloor SCR impetus. Accordingly, the motor today as of now conforms to the RDE (Real Drive Emissions) prerequisites.

The OM 654 four-barrel diesel motor is joined with 4MATIC all-wheel drive and the 9G-TRONIC programmed transmission, which bolsters both a dynamic and a fuel-sparing driving style.

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