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Mercedes EQS vs S-Class review and range test: Petrol vs Electric!

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How’s this for a luxury car head-to-head video!

We’ve got our hands on one of the most luxurious electric cars you can buy in 2021, the Mercedes EQS, and it's going up against one of the most luxurious petrol cars you can buy - the Mercedes S-Class!

The question is, if you’re in the market for a luxurious car, which should you choose? Well starting with the EQS, we’ve got our hands on the entry-level model. As a result, it comes with a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels. Once you get going, it can deliver 330hp & 570Nm of torque. It’s super-heavy though, tipping the scales at 2,480kg!

Then we come to the new S-Class. Powered by a 3-litre straight-six turbo petrol engine under the bonnet, it can put down 435hp and 520Nm of torque. Unlike EQS, however, it comes with all-wheel drive! Not only that, it’s a whole lot lighter, weighing in at 2,065kg.

So the S-Class is clearly ahead in the performance stakes, but how about everything else? Well to find out what we made of the looks, interiors, brakes and everything else in-between, you'll need to stick with Mat for this all-new group test!

00:00 Intro
01:03 Rear-wheel Steering
01:47 Range
02:45 Engines & Motors
03:20 0-60mph & 1/4-mile
04:59 Twisty-road Driving
08:59 Interior
12:37 Brake Test
13:29 Back Seats
16:20 Boots
17:17 Gadgets
18:00 On Track
19:50 Verdict

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