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Microsoft Unboxed: Mixed Reality (Ep. 2)

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Sonia Dara and Colleen O’Brien are back with another episode of Microsoft Unboxed. This week, Sonia and Colleen cover mixed reality and a few of the ways our customers are using Microsoft HoloLens to transform their businesses: Mercedes-Benz uses mixed reality to train employees on their cars’ inner workings, and ThyssenKrupp is installing chair lifts faster than ever by digitizing custom measurements using HoloLens.

Watch to learn how our customers use mixed reality to transform their organizations in this episode of Microsoft Unboxed.

Microsoft Unboxed is a weekly YouTube series from Microsoft, hosted by Sonia Dara and Colleen O’Brien. We’ll look at Microsoft’s latest technology, and the people and stories behind the tech. Tune in every Thursday at 9AM PT for new episodes.

Watch the Microsoft Unboxed: AI for Good (Ep. 1): https://youtu.be/0zIX2LPA7ps

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Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with ZF Transmissions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7fNi1z1PUY&feature=youtu.be

Photos by Cyrus Cambridge, Edelman as well as courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Global Training

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