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Mysterious Sounds From The Dried Euphrates River - Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled?

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Recently, reports have emerged that the mighty Euphrates River is drying up. Even at a time when extreme and never-before-seen events seem to happen around the world almost every day, the rapid disappearance of the Euphrates has been particularly shocking. There are many who believe that its disappearance is not just shocking, but apocalyptic, not merely yet another natural disaster in an era full of them, but the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy that says the drying of the Euphrates is a sign of the end of times. One thing is for sure. As the Euphrates recedes, many strange and unusual things are being uncovered, lost cities and unnatural caverns and tunnels which were long submerged beneath the murky waters. More than that, inexplicable sounds have been recorded emanating from deep within earth along the dried riverbed, sounds which, some say, further prove that we are living in the end of times. What does the drying of the Euphrates really mean for the future of humanity, and furthermore, what can it tell us about our past?

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