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New 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S580 - Perfect sedan

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New 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class S580 - Perfect sedan https://youtu.be/LVXH3NneyPo

Maybach is a state of mind. It’s a belief that a regular Mercedes-Benz S-class just doesn't adequately tell the world you're successful, with the conviction that your time is so valuable you can't afford the distraction of driving yourself. It emerges from a root-level faith that what you do to guide the universe is more important than what others do just to keep it well oiled. You matter. And now Mercedes has shown its latest Maybach sedan, instantly relegating all the previous Maybachs to has-been status.
This, formally, is the 2021 Mercedes-Maybach S580 4Matic sedan. And formal is the only way it will come.
The new Maybach made its debut in person, at an unveiling event in Southern California at which no drives were allowed. It sat there behind a home overlooking Malibu as if it might hover up on a cloud of cash and join the LAX landing pattern. It's not a startling thing to behold, but it looks like money.
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