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New Invention - HattrickWear The Augmented Reality Hat

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An Affordable, powerful and Open for all: augmented reality headset. Help us free A.R. from corporate politics; while looking cool ;-)Support this project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1143620156/hattrickwear-the-augmented-reality-hat+Let’s start with: Why?Don't you hate it...When a great technology gets trapped in corporate politics!When the price tag becomes an obstacle between a hacker and his wear!Ladies&Gentlemen,Like it or hate it; Augmented Reality is coming... soon the world will have more A.R. headsets than mobile phones …But unfortunately, the whole industry is fragmented… every company will restrict its tools to its own languages and apps … and we are afraid that A.R. will be trapped in such corporate politics…So, we decided to do something about it …Where we all stand together to advance this great technology …Something any one can use, on any smart phone…Something any hacker can program on; using any languages…Something affordable and reliable for serious real life solutions …An open A.R. solution; hardware and software for all …+So, What is HattrickWear?HattrickWear is a cool specially designed hat with an extension where you can plug your mobile phone easily, then utilize its screen and camera through a pair of reflecting prisms. You can easily interact with your mobile by swiping the screen, voice commands and gestures or even by using our simple remote control.The hat is designed with a unique structure so it balances all the weight around your head comfortably. The prisms are custom-made very light weight and easy to attach and adjust. They’re big enough to show your creativity but without bothering your vision. It works with all mobile phones; it opens endless possibilities for you to show your creativity in all forms&formats by utilizing a wealth of apps and APIs available on these platforms.DESIGN FEATURES:+ Very easy one step to plug in/out your mobile.Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.We do not guarantee projects or investigate a creator's ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the project creator to complete their project as promised, and the claims of this project are theirs alone.
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