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NEXT-LEVEL Road Technologies You Must See !

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NEXT-LEVEL Road Technologies You Must See !

Experience the future of road travel with cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing transportation. EasyTread, the automated tire diagnostic device, ensures safety on the road by quickly detecting potential problems. STiM, the autonomous road marking machine, transforms road safety with its precise markings and minimal hazards. PLATIO, the walkable solar paver, harnesses the sun's energy while providing a durable surface. Smart Pavement connects vehicles to the internet for real-time information, paving the way for a smarter future. Heliox Charging reduces electric vehicle charging times and optimizes power distribution. Ador Safety Roller Barriers protect lives by absorbing and converting shock energy. The BOMAG BMP 8500 remote-controlled compactor sets new standards in efficiency and safety. Enlil, the vertical smart wind turbine, generates renewable energy and provides valuable data. Büro North's Smart Tactile Paving system enhances road safety for smartphone-distracted pedestrians. Gloro's GLOROTECH road paint emits light for increased visibility and accident prevention. Embrace these technologies for safer, greener, and more efficient travel.

11) EasyTread


10) STiM




8) Smart Pavement


7) Heliox Charging


6) Ador Safety Roller Barriers


5) BOMAG BMP 8500


4) Enlil


3) Büro North


2) Gloro


1) Traffic Tech Automatic Barriers


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