Our Sun Could One Day Turn Into a Crystal Ball!


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The Sun Could Turn Into a Crystal Ball Astronomers Say

Hey, Mr. Banana! Listen to this: scientists said that suns could turn into huge crystal balls! The sun will turn to ROCK in 10 billion years’ time. Can you believe that?! One day you’re a burning hot ball of gas and plasma and the next day you’re a shining crystal. Let’s find out how it works.

01:11 This process of so-called crystallization was predicted 50 years ago. You already know that white dwarfs shed their outer layers and leave behind a hot core that starts cooling down. The cooling of white dwarfs lasts billions of years. This happens right after these stars have burnt all the nuclear fuel in their core. After that, however, the originally hot matter inside the star’s core starts crystallizing, becoming solid.

It is estimated that up to 97% of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy will eventually turn into white dwarfs, while the most massive of stars will end up as neutron stars or black holes. 02:06 More massive stars cool down more rapidly and reach the temperature at which crystallization happens in about one billion years. White dwarfs with lower masses, closer to the expected end stage of the Sun, cool in a slower fashion, requiring up to 6 billion years to turn into solid spheres.

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