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PAX Aus 2016: X-Wings and Tie-Ins @ GameSpot Theatre

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PAX Aus 2016 is happening in Melbourne, Australia and GameSpot has curated a theatre full of entertaining and informative panels which you can see live right here! [Full schedule below, times in AEST]
4:30pm – 5:30pm: X-wings and TIE-ins
A brief history of very bad (and some not so bad) Star Wars games. If the prequels taught us anything, it’s that the thing you love will bring you nothing but pain, disappointment and very outdated computer graphics. So it goes for the dozens of Star Wars licensed games to have graced our screens. A group of lifelong Star Wars fans relive some of the lowest points with game footage, trailers and nostalgic defence of bad opinions.
Luke Lancaster [Associate Editor, CNET]
Alanah Pearce [Editor, IGN]
Dan Crowd [Producer, GameSpot]
Nic Healy [Presenter, 2ser]
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