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Photo Mish Mash - Nov 6, 2019 - Sony outsells Canon & Nikon 4 to 1!!!

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Today’s Deals Tamron 28-75 f/2.8
New from PEN!
Tuesday Tip - Competing Elements
Video - Blending Short and Long Exposures -
PEN Members! - It’s a new month, don’t forget to join the November PPA level image competition! Then go watch the October video for some great tips!
SL2 Announced -
Canon Profits?
Selling -
Ipad - no RAW for Photoshop…
Shooting & Workflow
The Latest Google Camera Mod Brings Astrophotography Mode to the Pixel 1 and 2
*Pixel 1 lost support this month so it will be the last official update for this model
Viral Stories
Outrage as School Offers Airbrushing Services for Eight-Year-Old Children, Including Teeth Whitening and Evening of Skin Tones
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