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Planets Are Not Rotating Around The Sun, They Actually Are Dancing!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel. In today’s video Smart Banana is going to tell you about the dance of planets. Are you curious to know what that means? Then keep watching.

For the most part, our Solar System is wonderfully ordered. The Sun spins on its axis. The planets, including Earth, orbit it in the same direction, arrayed on a nearly flat plane around the Sun's equator. However, there are some planets that make space look like a gorgeous mathematical scheme. Let’s talk about the so-called geometrical dance of planets and splendid patterns they form.

The whole study of the orbit patterns is mainly based on the book called ‘A Little Book of Coincidence’ by John Martineau. It illustrates the orbital patterns and several of their geometrical relationships. Many internet users and geometry and space enthusiasts revealed the most beautiful of them.

You need to take the orbits of any 2 planets and draw a line between the 2 planet positions every few days. Since the inner planet orbits faster than the outer planet, you’ll see that interesting patterns evolve and each planetary pairing has its own unique dance rhythm.

Stay with us to observe this beautiful dance of planets around the Sun!

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