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Presentation Design Principles For Better PowerPoint Design

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Make your presentations 'pop' by applying some key principles of presentation design and then incorporating them into your PowerPoint design to communicate your message more clearly and effectively. See a full blog article on the ideas - https://www.brightcarbon.com/blog/presentation-design-principles-better-powerpoint-design/

This is an overview of some of the techniques that are possible. For specific tutorials on all of the techniques, use one of these links:
Check out one of my favourite free stock photo sites, Unsplash - https://www.unsplash.com/
Crop images to create balanced visual slides - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-image-crop-video/
Crop and zoom images, and create full bleed image slides for beautiful designs - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-image-crop-zoom-video/
How to incorporate white space - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-white-space-video/
Using grids and the guide tools in PowerPoint - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-grids-and-guides-video/
Change your PowerPoint colour theme - https://www.brightcarbon.com/blog/change-theme-colors-powerpoint/
How to manipulate colours in PowerPoint - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-colours-video/
For ten in-depth typography techniques check out this post - https://www.brightcarbon.com/blog/using-typography-in-your-sales-presentations-10-tips-and-tricks/
A list of ten of our favourite fonts for presentations - https://www.brightcarbon.com/blog/10-best-presentation-fonts/
Tutorial on text formatting - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-formatting-text-video/
Picture effects and setting transparent colour to cut out images - https://www.brightcarbon.com/image-combination/
Using images to tell stories - https://www.brightcarbon.com/view-image-enhanced-story-video/
More design resources to boost your presentations further - https://www.brightcarbon.com/blog/four-websites-for-free-design-resources/

Check out https://www.brightcarbon.com for more, and to see what sales, marketing, and training presentation support we offer, and our eLearning solutions.
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