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Pruning Saws: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Pruning saws are necessary tools in the arsenal of anyone with trees or shrubs to care for. They cover a very important middle ground of tree and shrub management. They're perfect for branches that are too big for pruning shears or ratchet loppers, which are the desired tools for most small pruning jobs.
Fact #2. There are a few considerations to make before purchasing a pruning saw. The most important thing to consider is the amount and type of use it will get. Professionals looking to regularly cut branches from their orchard may want a larger saw. Their use involves the entire body. Models such as these can help to reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries over time.
Fact #3. The average gardener cutting an overgrown bramble once a year will often choose a simpler pruning saw. A small and compact option may be the best for them. It will allow them to get in between branches with ease and reduce the chance of injuring themselves.
Fact #4. Some people are wary of purchasing a folding saw. These came about rather late in the history of the hand saw. Early models were prone to collapsing under stress, leading to injury. This is not an issue with modern folding saws, however. There's no reason not to choose one if you are short on storage space. Modern units feature intricate safety locks, spring-loaded blades, and a strong construction.
Fact #5. Cutting back branches with these saws has a few distinct benefits to the trees themselves. Trimming trees and shrubs improves their overall health. It increases the sun exposure and circulation reaching every leaf and branch. This can reduce the chances of diseases like thousand cankers disease proliferating. The fungi that cause them have less room for growth.
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