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Q&A2 - Tripod Buying Guide, Timelapse Gear, Going Lighter w/ Sony?

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Table of Contents -
0:00 Welcome
1:23 Q1 - Timelapse Photography Gear
9:14 How to Build a Squarespace Website
12:53 Q2 - Circular Polarizer Focus Issue
15:39 Q3 - Tripod Buying Guide
27:21 Q4 - Sony Lens Options - Lighten the Load

Video info
Intervalometers - https://amzn.to/3pYfBRx
Miops - https://bhpho.to/36PkCUS
Tripod Buying Guide - http://photorec.tv/tripods

Q1 - What is your recommendation for gear needed for landscape time-lapse photography.

Q2 - Fitting a CPL filter to the Sony FE200-600mm +Sony A9 was trying to shoot through a window and fitted a CPL lens would not focus ?

Q3 - I shoot a D850, just bought the Sigma 150-600 Sports and together they look HUGE on top of the tripod that I bought for my previous camera, a Sony Alpha 350- a much smaller camera. I also have a 15-30, 24-70, and 70-200 lenses that I would use while on the tripod. My tripod is a Promaster xc528. It has a little ball head and I am not real happy with it overall so considering my next step in camera support. Watching a subject in rear screen seen thru the big lens and not touching the camera it takes a long time to settle down. To extend the legs you twist the knuckles and they have a rubber grip that seems to spin a bit and the whole process is rather slow to go from full compact to full height. My needs for tripod would be both full height and to get close to the ground so the legs need to splay out also. In the past I have carried it to the top of 14ers but most of use is within short hike of car. I want to hear your thoughts on a travel-14er friendly tripod for my gear, but also a nice car tripod- idea comes from seeing that bigger tripod of yours in the back of the van in Zion. Are there different size ball heads? Carbon is lighter but is it sturdy? Should I center weight the tripod to make it more stable? I have seen gimbles and think that might work well but don't have much info to go on, just starting out. Also a friend mentioned something like a fluid head but I have no idea on that. Sorry for the long question. Thanks, Chris"

Q4 -Landscapes are my main style. I currently have Sony 70-200 f4, Tamron 17-28 f2.8 Sony 55 f1.8 & Sony 200-600 G. I want to lighten the travel weight and buy a Sony 24-105 f4 & Sony 100-400 GM, then I would sell the 70-200 & 200-600. I’d like your opinion on whether the Sony 24-105 f4 is sufficiently sharp corner to corner for professional quality landscapes for printing? Or do u think the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 would be better? If u think there is a sharper value lens than the 24-105 f4 please advise. I’d love the Sony 24-70 GM but a little out of budget and weighty.
Thanks, heaps and keep up the good work!!"

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