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Renault Phantasy

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Renault Phantasy
Belinda Deschamps / Rui Sun / Mike Simonelli
Renault Phantasy takes the opportunity offered by the autonomous vehicle to redefine the car as a space in transit. If autonomous transport is the future, then cars will become something other than just a way to move efficiently from one place to another. The car’s interior can change; matching the mood of its passengers, who may be going for a night out, to work, or to play. Comprising of three large rotatable discs arranged vertically alongside each other, passengers can find their most comfortable position depending on what they want to do and/or their mood; becoming a chair, a chaise lounge or a desk.
This configuration, colour and light intensity, can be changed remotely before entering the car by using a wrist-worn device, or be modified whilst travelling by the same means. As the interior is upholstered with luminescent textiles its colour can be changed instantly depending on the preferences of the passenger.
In a self-driving vehicle where you don’t have to control anything, you may simply want to do something else– to relax, communicate, and have space to think. In big cities, traveling can be an effort, so Phantasy is an opportunity to connect with yourself, whilst also providing a particular social space if desired. One that orients passengers into positions that invite interaction.
This design draws inspiration from the 1970 exhibition by the Danish designer Verner Panton, whose Phantasy Landscape presented an immersive, psychedelic approach to interior furnishing. This work presents furniture and lighting integrated in a unified environment. It provided for multiple fixed seating positions to be incorporated. The effect was immersive, inviting its occupants to escape the pressures of daily life.
Renault Phantasy is an homage to this approach, seeking to provide an autonomous, comforting and enjoyable space from which to travel the city.
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