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So, Thomas / Brian / AJ, why this big 90ties TV style microphone @ Autogefuehl ??


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In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we talk about why we are using the big microphone according to the situation.

We use handheld microphones in situations where we want to cut out background noise you are then not hearing - or in situations with interview partners where it is better to switch between those people then. We don’t do anything without intention :) The big microphone is furthermore way better than anything else u could record camera sound with. Always the best quality for you without noise. In general the big microphone delivers a way better, clear and crisp sound than the small one which is more pleasant to listen to, especially if a video is going over a longer period of time. Even the ASMR effect works better with the big mic. If you watch some other reviews or every driving part of a review, you ll see that we also have a couple of small lavalier microphones which are also high class, and of course we use that for driving because the big one wouldn’t be safe there. Still, we adapt to the situation and strive for getting the audible experience for you. With the handheld, you can make it calm and silent when the background is noisy. Sometimes you see what’s going on in the background, sometimes you wouldn’t expect what annoying sounds would be picked up. Another reason is the branding for the big microphones since our videos are also being stolen, downloaded uploaded etc. so we at least have our branding there in situations we cannot completely control. Also in general it is good to have a nice branding on location and in the video. So you see there are numerous good reasons for us to use it.

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