Sony a6400 Complete Auto Focus, ISO & Time Lapse (re)Testing

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In my first video I made a mistake and only the footage showing AF-A was included, despite having tested all modes.

This understandably led people to question the results I presented and coined the term AF-A Gate. It also lead to me being called a liar, a mirrorless hater... lots of silly things. So I got the camera back in and tested out the AF-C along with the new Real-time Tracking mode, as well as the time lapse and ISO performance.

01:17 Clarifying the last video
03:12 Martial Arts AF test
05:21 AF Fail - first 'twig test'
09:37 Second 'Twig test'
13:38 Video AF testing
18:07 Glorious dance montage
21:12 Please skip this part....
22:37 Bokeh Ball Focus test
24:00 High ISO Testing
28:41 Final Conclusion

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