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Sony A7S III - WHOA!

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Well its here! The new Sony A7s III!

This is the camera you’ve been waiting for - finally we have the Sony A7s III. It’s finally here - after almost 5 years since its predecessor, Sony has clearly put a lot into this new model - I can see why it was a 5 year wait. We’ve got new menus that are yes - touch enabled. We’ve got new file formats for both stills and video, 4k video up to 120 frames a second, heat management, simultaneous recording internally and externally, 2 dual function card slots - there is a lot to unpack here. I am really excited to share with you the new Sony A7s III.

This is the latest iteration from Sony's camera system which most technology will most likely be included on the Sony A7 IV, A7r V and other cameras.

The A7s III features a 12 megapixel sensor. You get a better pixel pitch with a less crowded sensor which gives you a better signal to noise ratio. The noise part of that equation stays the same, but the signal gets a boost which allows you to get much cleaner performance.

The A7s III gives you 4k, full-pixel readout with no binning in all modes up to 120 frames per second. This is also finally the camera that Sony gives us 10-bit depth with 4:2:2 color sampling for internal recording and the quality is excellent. The files are gorgeous and the move to 10-bit gives you files that you can work with in post with a much higher latitude for color grading or exposure adjustment.

Image stabilization is probably the best I’ve seen on any Sony camera. We have “active” available now in 4k, but it actually seems much improved over other cameras that have done this before. Active mode does use some digital image stabilization so there is a very slight crop. I assign this to a function key so I can switch if I’m on a tripod. Micro-jitters have been an issue on Sony cameras all along but this camera seems to match up with your technique better than previous iterations. Even with longer lenses, it works great. It also gets a boost if you’re using a lens that supports optical image stabilization such as the 100-400mm G Master or even the 100mm G Master which is an older, but very under appreciated lens.

Shooting in the S-Log 3 picture profile will give you over 15 stops of dynamic range to work with and now works down to 160 ISO so this is more versatile than the higher ISO minimums we’ve traditionally had in Sony cameras.

There are 2 new variants on the XAVC S codecs… up to now the standard supports long GOP, but we also have XAVC HS which is an h.265 file and also XAVC-S I which is an all Intra, h.265 format that gives you up to 600mpbs of data.

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