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Spy Satellite Expert Explains How to Analyze Satellite Imagery | WIRED

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Keith Masback, former director of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance integration for the US Army, explains how to understand satellite imagery, and provides a few tips and tricks for what people like him are generally looking for. Keith talks about how to tell man-made and natural environments apart from each other and breaks down what typical military routines from other countries looks like.

Salt Lake City, Utah
40.7608° N, 111.8910° W

Rio Olympic Village:
51.4869° N, 46.2118° E

Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
22.7554° N, 46.2092° E

North Platte, Nebraska:
41.1403° N, 100.7601° W

Nile River Delta
30.91° N, 31.20° E

Karakul Lake, Tajikistan
39.0416° N, 73.3473° E

Naypyidaw, Myanmar
19.7633° N, 96.0785° E

Chiribiquete National Park, Colombia:
0.7460° N, 72.7386° W

Rondônia, Brazil:
11.5057° S, 63.5806° W

Site of Amazon deforestation:
9.325917° S, 65.897778° W

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
53.1355° N, 57.6604° W

Fort Bragg:
35.1415° N, 79.0080° W

Shayrat Air Base
34.5012° N, 36.8981° E

Crimean Peninsula:
45.3453° N, 34.4997° E

Camp 25, North Korea, 2005
41.833503° N, 129.726206° E

Camp 22, North Korea, 2002
42.545675° N, 129.914436° E

Black Rock Desert, Nevada:
40.9107° N, 119.0560° W

Oyu Tolgoi mine:
43.0253° N, 106.8665° E
Bay of Bengal:
13.5317° N, 87.5396° E

New Delhi:
28.6139° N, 77.2090° E

Faafu Atoll:
3.2309° N, 72.9461° E

Iceberg A-74:
26.25° W, 75.12° S

51.5074° N, 0.1278° W

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Spy Satellite Expert Explains How to Analyze Satellite Imagery | WIRED
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