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Check out the HomePower 2 HERE: https://generark.com/products/homepower2

Want an easy and affordable solution to stay protected during a power outage? This is Generark's new portable solar generator, the HomePower 2. The HomePower 2 is the first emergency backup power solution designed to fit seamlessly into today’s modern home—and is just 1/10 of the cost of a whole house battery backup system.

Features include:
• Ultra-Fast Recharge:
• Plus: By wall outlet: 2.5 hours; by solar panels (800W): 3-4 hours
• Starter: By wall outlet: 2 hours; by solar panels (400W): 4-5 hours

• High Power: Able to power 99 percent of essential devices—home appliances, medical devices, tools, and more
• Plus: 2060Wh of capacity, 2200W of continuous power and 4400W of surge power at 110V/60Hz
• Starter: 1566Wh of capacity, 1800W of continuous power and 3600W of surge power at 110V/60Hz

• Long-Lasting Power: A single charge provides up to seven days of power to your essential devices. Electricity can be stored in the unit for at least one year.

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