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Talking Smart Home & Home Security - Welcome To Our Channel!

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Welcome to our Channel in 2022! Here we discuss the best in Home Security, and the best in Smart Home devices (home automation).

Owner, George Langabeer, has been catching criminals using surveillance equipment for over 20 years. He worked as a loss prevention manager at a regional retailer, where he caught over 1000 criminals. In 2008 he started SilverHammer to share that experience to assist homeowners and business owners protect what matters most.

In addition to protecting the masses, George also has a passion for tech. As much as he loves talking about security, he also loves talking tech. At SilverHammer, not only do we sell and install the latest in security equipment, but we also sell and and install the latest smart home tech.

This Channel is about all the above. George will be sharing general security tips to help you protect your home or business plus, George will talk about everything tech/Smart Home.

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***At SilverHammer Surveillance we are home security specialists. We sell and install the very best home security cameras, surveillance systems and smart home devices. We offer complete home security camera systems, smart home cameras, wireless security cameras, wifi cameras and cameras compatible with: Apple HomeKit Smart Home (Apple HomeKit Devices), HomeKit Secure Video, Google Home (including Google Nest) and Amazon Alexa. All of our home security systems are remote viewable on your smart phone, table, PC or Mac. Create your ultimate smart home 2022

Best Home Security 2022!

***We also offer complete security camera systems for businesses of any size. We can custom design a system to fit your exact needs.

Protect What Matters Most!


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