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Tapo C120 Smart Security Camera: The Ultimate Unboxing and Review

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The TP-Link Tapo C120 Indoor/Outdoor Smart Security Camera: Full Unboxing and Review!

"Indoors and Outdoors: Stay Protected Everywhere"

The Tapo C120 2K Indoor Outdoor Smart Security Camera has dual night vision options (including a full color option), a magnet mount (for flexibility of install), a light and siren to warn off intruders, a great weather rating and Smart AI detection including: people, vehicles pets and baby crying (making it a great nanny cam). All of these features make this camera an excellent value for the price.

00:00 - Preview
00:36 - Intro
01:14 - Unboxing the Tapo C120
02:21 - Tapo C120 Price & Specs
04:41 - The Tapo App
09:53 - My Review The Pros
12:06 - My Review The Cons
12:34 - Camera Audio Test
12:53 - Back to the Cons
14:46 - Wrap Up

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***Discount Code: 2HELLOC120

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