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The Best Upcoming Electric Cars! | 2023-2024 New EVs | New Electric Cars to Get Excited About

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Just a few years ago, Tesla was pretty much your only option if you wanted an electric car. But the number of EVs on sale has exploded recently, and it’s only set to grow in 2023. From small and affordable to large and luxurious offerings, Edmunds’ Lauren McCay takes you through the most exciting upcoming EVs in the video above!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Cadillac Celestiq
02:20 Chevrolet Equinox
03:10 Fiat 500E
03:54 Silverado EV/Sierra EV
05:01 Ioniq 6
05:59 Jeep Recon/Wagoneer S
06:43 Polestar 3
07:26 Tesla Overview/Cybertruck
08:54 Vinfast VF8 & VF9
10:58 Volvo EX90
12:23 VolksWagon ID.Buzz
13:53 Conclusion

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