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The BrainCard - A Neural Network Chip For All Your Maker Projects

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Make projects think with the BrainCard open source hardware: Arduino&Raspberry Pi compatible.Support this project here: http://www.neuromorthings.com/Robotics fans, drone pilots, hackers&data-miners - rejoice!The BrainCard is an open source hardware platform featuring the worlds only fully functional and field-tested Neuromorphic Chip containing 1024 artificial neurons . It is able to learn and recognize patterns within any dataset generated by any source, from the physical (sensors), to the virtual (data). Offered here, for the first time, to makers in a format compatible with nearly all other popular electronics platforms — from Raspberry Pi to Arduino and Intel Edison — we aim to help you add cognitive perception to any electronics project.Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.
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