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The Manticore - Awesome $2,000 Gaming PC Build (April 2016)

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The Manticore - Awesome $2,000 Gaming PC Build (April 2016)
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The Manticore System:
Asus Z97I-PLUS Motherboard - $351
Silverstone Tek Strider Gold S Series 750W PSU - $134.99
NZXT Kraken X41 140mm All-In-One Liquid Cooling System - $107.29
NZXT Manta Mini-ITX Computer Case - $125.99
Intel Core i5-4590 Processor - $190.54
Kingston HyperX 3K 480GB Solid State Drive - $329.54
EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB Graphics Card - $739.53
Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 8GB Kit - $44.99
Microsoft Windows 10 Home - $119
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