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The New Rolls Royce Phantom Supercar Experience

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The New Rolls Royce Phantom Supercar Experience https://youtu.be/eIU7rHum67A

One million of anything is a lot. A million bucks, a million miles, a million cheeseburgers… at least those things are relatively easy to comprehend. Granted, a million cheeseburgers might be overwhelming, but consider the craftsmanship required to turn a million stitches into an automotive work of art? That’s what we have here with this one-of-one Rolls-Royce Phantom, appropriately named the Rose Phantom.
For the record, Rolls-Royce tells us that yes, one million stitches were sewn to create this vision of flowers throughout the Rose Phantom’s interior. It’s the product of the company’s Bespoke Collective, and the brainchild of an unnamed “Stockholm-based entrepreneur” who absolutely loves flowers and presumably is very rich. How rich? That’s unknown, as is the cost of creating something like this. Suffice it to say, you don’t buy this kind of detail work on a finance plan.
And we must say, it is absolutely extraordinary. So often we see custom interiors filled with mismatched colors just for the sake of being ostentatious. The predominant shade of this stitchwork is silver to match the Phantom Rose – yes there is a rose that was bred specifically for Rolls-Royce and grows exclusively at the company’s rose garden. Shades of blue for the rose stems and leaves align with the Phantom’s exterior shade of Peacock Blue and the lighter Charles Blue used on the leather seats. Brighter colors are reserved for occasional butterflies, because you can’t have roses without butterflies.

The custom embroidery spans the headliner, doors, and dash. Rolls-Royce doesn’t mention how long this special project took, but it’s certainly an impressive work of art. We’re often treated to highbrow over-the-top phrases from the luxury automaker, but in this instance, describing the Rose Phantom as “a sanctuary of true luxury, a vision of flowers, created with a million embroidered stitches” is wholly appropriate.
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