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The New Straight Up SEX Site For Sugar Daddies

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The oldest profession is growing in popularity among female university students - as an afterschool job. Yup. There's even a dating site designed for Sugar Babies seeking Sugar Daddies. Or Sugar Mamas if that's your cup of tea, and by tea we mean turning tricks with old rich people.

Oh and we had a look. There are A LOT of rich women seeking young, athletic male companionship out there. Like Oprah rich. Okay, not Oprah rich but Nigella Lawson rich. Okay, not Nigella Lawson Rich but like Used To Be A Child Star And Now I Do Infomercials Rich. So if that football scholarship didn't pan out and you're rocking a tight bod and can stifle a gag reflex like a pro, you may want to get online and check out the site.

Marc talks all about it on today's News House.

Please to enjoy this "news".

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