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The Rise and Fall on Ancient Civilizations Finally Explained in Full

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We may live in a binary solar system, and that Nibiru's strange path may include an orbit around a second sun—a brown dwarf, which is a kind of dark star not massive enough to attain fusion. He doesn't believe that Nibiru is currently near Earth, but it may swing closer to us during the time of a "golden age" of a vast 24,000 year cycle that correlates with the rise and fall of civilizations.
How ancient cultures tracked astronomical cycles, as well as Zecharia Sitchin's theory, based on ancient Sumerian texts, that a Planet X (Nibiru) exists in our solar system. Assuming that our sun is orbiting another sun (possibly a brown dwarf), "when we're in the Golden Age, when the suns are at their closest points to each other, it does something to the consciousness, and the ability for us to expand our knowledge exponentially here on Earth.
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