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The WAN Show - Macs Can't Handle VR!! - Mar 4, 2016

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Timestamps courtesy of Sam Tilling (IPickle), Brandon Axtmann, JJMC89 & Ghost.
00:03:55 HTC Vive sells 15K units in 10 minutes.
00:13:37 Samsung ships the world’s highest capacity SSD, with 15TB of storage.
00:24:25 Oculus - Palmer Luckey: Rift will come to Mac if Apple “ever release a good computer”.
00:28:55 Windows Store Games have Serious Limitations: won’t have VSync off, SLI/CrossFire, Fullscreen or Modding.
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00:41:10 John McAfee Reveals to FBI, On National TV, How to crack the iPhone (He doesn’t know how iPhones work)
00:48:45 Showcase of the painted 980TI.
00:59:40 Dow Chemicals & DuPont Merger.
01:03:05 Apple patents magnetically detachable wireless earbuds for iPhone.
01:04:55 #heruinedit
01:06:15 ‘Happy Goggles’: McDonald’s Happy Meal box folds into a virtual reality headset.
01:07:50 Quantum Break’s cutscenes require an internet connection to stream.
01:09:22 Stream PS4 games to your PC or MAC with next system update.
01:11:03 Far Cry Primal Map = Same Map as Farcry 4?
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