This Is How Our Planet Can Get Rid of Us Easily!


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7 New Ways Our Planet Can Get Rid of Us

Hey, Mr. Banana! Get out of that shower, quick! Look at what I’ve just found. These people on the internet say that global warming might be compared to a person’s being sick. Rising temperature is fighting with bacteria in your body. The same is with Earth. The planet is sick with humans and is trying to find a way to get well. Maybe there are more ways how our planet might use to get rid of us. Let’s find out!

7. Earthquakes in the sky
6. The loss of the ozone layer
5. An asteroid will fall into the ocean
4. Earth will collide with another planet
3. Creatures will climb out of the Mariana Trench. Btw, check cool video about what is hiding in the depths of the Mariana trench
2. Earth will stop spinning
1. Year 11,103 will come

Not very safe, but fun at least.

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