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May it be possible to make the whole world a single country? Smart Banana collected some facts for you to decide if it is possible and good at all. Are you ready? So. Let’s start.

Arguments for the single country
We already live under a strong global order, which will only get stronger with time. This global order is not complete but the world today already behaves a lot like a single social entity. This has been driven by globalization which in turn has been fueled by the technological revolutions in communication, trade and travel.

Politics and economics
The whole world already is governed under unified international laws and treaties. Most of the world are signatories to entities such as the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO and so on. Most of these treaties clearly state that they will get precedence over national laws! Sovereignty of nation-states is increasingly sub-ordinate to the “global order”.
Europe is a particularly stark example. The monetary union takes away the power to print own currency and have own central bank from member countries. For Europe Union to survive, many experts have called for greater fiscal union. While it is going through tough times, from a historical point of view, it is a remarkable next step in the history of nation-states. Most regions from East Asia to West Africa are trying ever harder to get into some sort of "union".

Wanna know more about possible single country? Just stay with us till the end of the video!

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