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WIRED October 2014 Digital TOC - The Design Issue

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Thanks to 40 years of increasingly cheap and tiny processors, new software, cheap sensors, and digital manufacturing, we can build products that seemed impossible a decade ago. WIRED has dubbed this new design renaissance Silicon Modern. Our editors collected 10 great exemplars of this movement, encompassing big ideas, inspiring projects, and new forms of expression. Silicon Modern is here, and design will never be the same. Also this month: DesignLife, our annual style manual for gadgets and gear; fear and liking on Facebook; Wrong Theory: The Power of Imperfection; and the tale of two gamblers finding a king-size bug in a poker machine.

Music By - Nicolas Bergmann
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WIRED October 2014 Digital TOC - The Design Issue
Producer: Editor in Chief - Scott Dadich, Creative Director - Billy Sorrentino, Director of Photography - Patrick Witty, and Sowjanya Kudva
Production Coordinator: Nurie Mohamed
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