Your Day On Earth 200 Million Years Ago


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What do we know about our Earth in its current state? And 1 million years ago? 2 millions? And what about 200 and more millions ago? Let’s study. And the scientists’ therioes will help us.
We at “Smart is the new sexy” are ready to go to the past. Are you with us? So, let’s start.

Single continent

Earth's continents are constantly in motion, and by running the tape forwards and backwards we can figure out where they were in the past. Science calls it “Pangaea Proxima”. A supercontinent is on its way that incorporates all of Earth's major landmasses. How we can prove it when now we have several different continents? There is a theory about continental drift. For many geologists, it was a crackpot idea with little hard evidence.
But some scientists noticed remarkable similarities between the fossilised plants and animals found on continents that were separated by vast oceans. This let them suggest that those continents were connected when those now fossilised species were alive.
What's more, it could be clearly seen that South America and Africa were like two giant puzzle pieces — they fit together. Could that really just be coincidence, or were they connected millions of years ago, only to drift apart?
The crucial secrets that would unlock the truth of the theory were not to be found on those moving continents. They were all hidden under the sea.

Watch the full video and find out truth about flora and fauna 200 MILLION YEARS AGO!

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