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Your Dog Sees The World Completely Different!

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With only our own human perceptions to gauge reality, some of us don't realize that our version of reality is just a combination of measurements defined by the resolution of our senses. We are confined to our own perceptions and the version of reality we see or perceive, through the functions of our various organs, may actually be imperfect and is probably a very dim version of true reality.
Smart Banana wanted to see the world around us in a quite different way. And collected the facts about how other creatures do it. Now we’d like to present you the list of animals’ possibilities to understand the world around. Are you ready? So, let’s go.
10. What Birds See
Birds have four types of cone cells in their eyes called photoreceptors, while humans only have three. This enables the avian species to visualize the world from a completely different perspective and much more clearly than we do, as most birds can also see the ultraviolet spectrum.
Unlike humans, birds are tetrachromats. Their four types of cone cells let them see red, green, blue, and ultraviolet together.

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