10 Animals That Can Heal Themselves


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Here are 10 animals that can heal themselves, and the amazing ways they do it.

Animals living in the wild are vulnerable to all sorts of dangers, but luckily some of them have developed remarkable means of tending to their own injuries.
Here are 10 animals that can heal themselves, and the amazing ways they do it.
Number 10. Moon Jellies. The underwater inhabitants need their bodies to be symmetrical in order to swim effectively. When this is compromised due to limb loss, they shift around their remaining appendages until balance is restored. 
Number 9. Snail fur. The eyelash-sized marine animals are, in theory, immortal as they’re not vulnerable to time and the damage it often does. Their regenerative powers are so great that they can even sprout a new head should they find themselves suddenly without one. 
Number 8. Axolotl. Not only is the fully aquatic salamander notable for its cute, cartoonish appearance, it can fully regenerate limbs. Researchers have narrowed the remarkable ability down to specific immune cells. Without them the creatures develop scar tissue in lieu of new arms and legs.
Number 7. Flatworms. Though many animals can regenerate a lost body part, some members of this species can actually grow new worms from each dismembered piece. Tail sections grow new heads and vice versa.
Number 6. Lizards. The reptiles need not fear ferocious predators that scoop them up by their tails, as they can shed the posterior extension at will. The repercussions are temporary, as over time they just grow it back. 
Number 5. Deer. Every year, bucks drop their antlers, and within 3 months’ time they’ve sprouted a new, fully grown pair. Considering a rack can weigh up to 60-or-so pounds, the speed and regularity of the renewal is particularly impressive. 
Number 4. Starfish. It’s a good thing they’re particularly skilled regenerators, as a starfish can lose limbs when environmental temps get too high. Another risk they face is ingesting foreign objects found in the ocean. Thankfully, they are quickly moved around and expelled. 
Number 3. Sea Squirts. Much like many people, when this animal gets agitated it feels it in the stomach. Sea Squirts are at an advantage, however, as they can simply purge themselves of the troubled digestive organs and grow a new ones. 
Number 2. Lobsters. They don’t just lose claws to hungry diners. Fights with other lobsters can result in a missing one as well. As they’re imperative to self-defense it’s a good thing that they can be regrown within a few molt cycles. 
Number 1. Zebrafish. They can regenerate a large number of important organs, and in studying them researchers learned something extraordinary. Every time a zebrafish sprouts a new tail it’s an exact replica of the one before. 
Which animal do you think has the most remarkable healing abilities?
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