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10 Military and Police Technologies You Didn't Know Existed

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Did you know that a lot of the major technologies we have today were first invented for the military? Like, the internet? The military and police usually have access to insane tech that we haven’t even thought about! From a cloak of invisibility and a bullet that can literally aim at its own to a robot that can keep the streets safe Here are 10 military and police technologies you didn’t even know existed!

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10. Quantum Stealth camouflage-https://bit.ly/3atOPxy
9. EXACTO- https://bit.ly/3mam4IZ
8. 5.45 Design Phantom- https://bit.ly/3wRajvW
7. Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout- https://bit.ly/3z3Y5CE
6. Dystopian- https://bit.ly/3LTEwjh
5. Police Facial Recognition Software- https://bit.ly/3lSBHEt
4. XSV 17 'Thunder Child'- https://bit.ly/3GtSBTr
3. Boeing Laser Avenger- https://bit.ly/3wWUxks
2. Zumwalt Class Destroyers- https://bit.ly/3z541eT
1. HULC- https://bit.ly/3wTyRoZ

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