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10 Police And Military Inventions That Stops Any Speeding Vehicle

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Crime exists in every corner of the world but these 10 police and military inventions that stops any speeding vehicle really tackles some of that crime and helps put the bad guys where they belong

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10 Police And Military Inventions That Stops Any Speeding Vehicle [Links]

10. Spike Strips https://psemc.com/products/nighthawk-police-stop-sticks/
9. Elkosta Wedge Barrier K12 https://www.axon.ae/high-security-road-blockers/integrated-solutions/outdoor-perimeter-security/high-security-road-blockers/elkosta-wedge-barrier-k12
8. X-net https://www.qinetiq.com/blogs/2019/05/au-x-net-product
7. Heald Ht1 Raptor https://www.heald.uk.com
6. Pro Spike https://www.prospike.nl/en/prospike-mechanized-spike-system/
5. ArrestNet https://psemc.com/products/arrestnet-vehicle-arresting-system/
4. RF Safe Stop https://www.teledyne-e2v.com/products/rf-power/rf-safe-stop/
3. Net Barrier https://barrier1.us/products/net-barrier/
2. Modular Vehicle Barrier https://www.miframsecurity.com/solutions/products/mvb-3x/
1. Grappler http://www.policebumper.com/

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