10 Proofs That Earth Is The Best Place In The Universe


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Our planet Earth is a truly unique place in the Universe. It is not too big to become a gas giant without any solid surface, but it isn’t too small to lose the magnetic field that protects all life from the harmful cosmic rays. Although we are not in the busiest place of our galaxy, but only somewhere in its backyard, it is this location that makes our life on Earth comfortable and we are not afraid to disappear from some evil star that decides to explode, scorching us with its radiation.

Also, the parent star should be neither too hot nor too cold. Bright stars such as Sirius or Vega have a wide habitable zone, but there is one unpleasant rule in the Universe: the brighter the star, the shorter its life. So, even if there is some life on the planets and satellites of such stars, it simply will not have enough time to develop to a reasonable level. One big "Boom!" and all the planets surrounding the irascible star turn into smoking embers.

Well, if you still don't believe that our Earth is the best place in the Universe, then I have prepared for you 10 proofs that can assure you of this!

Earth is not a ghost planet 01:18
No space tornadoes on Earth 01:58
Earth is not Venus 02:37
Our Sun is not a zombie star 03:19
No sandstorms on Earth 04:31
The earth is not black 05:14

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