Scientists Got Thrilled When They'd Found This Place In The Universe...


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Somewhere between party with your mates and Skype conference with your relatives you might feel ‘God, I’m so lonely!’. And if this is precisely your experience – get ready, Mr Banana is going to show you the place in the Universe where this feeling would reach its extreme and in a very frightening manner!

When I am sad, I enjoy looking at the night sky, seeing all this stars around… This gives me an impression that something watches my every step. Oh, bananas can be so romantic. But there is a very different place in space than our cosy galaxy. Its hypothetical inhabitants have no idea that stars even exist!

Drumroll… Meeeet… Bootes Void!

Another name for this place, discovered in 1981 by astronomer Robert Kirshner and his team, is The Great Nothing. And it suits! Bootes Void is a spherical region of space that is almost empty. It contains very few galaxies. No light, no heat, no signs of movement on a vast distance… God, I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a place like that.

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