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2020 Ram 1500: The Best Truck | Edmunds Top Rated 2020

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The 2020 Ram 1500 is again Best Truck, claiming the 2020 Edmunds Top Rated award for its tech features, interior build quality, ride comfort and capability. The addition of an optional diesel engine this year only makes things better for this pickup truck.

Ram 1500 Review:

In the eternal battle for pickup-truck bragging rights, the Ram 1500 holds a decisive edge. It brings light-duty trucks into a new age of comfort and technology that simply didn't exist until now. Yes, it can tow. But it can also glide, provide safety assistance, and save fuel with a diesel or a mild hybrid engine.

Ram redesigned its 1500 truck last year, and it continues to be our top-rated truck. All Ram 1500 trims come with excellent driving dynamics, generously appointed interiors, and a unique rear suspension for the class. With it, the Ram glides past competitors with a ride quality more commonly associated with cars. Truck duties are not a problem either — the Ram 1500 offers comparable maximum ratings for both towing and payload capacity.

The cabin is another clear win for the Ram. Highlights include comfortable seats, high-quality materials and an easy-to-use touchscreen infotainment system. Move through the options list and the Ram 1500 really begins to shine. Higher trims offer even greater levels of luxury. And the truck has unmatched storage solutions from a large, configurable center console to spacious in-floor bins and locking compartments built into the side of its bed.

Tow ratings for the 2020 Ram 1500 are high for this class. With the V8 or the diesel engine, most of the Ram 1500's common configurations can pull more than 11,000 pounds, and some exceed 12,000 pounds. Also, Ram comes with standard cargo lighting and optional movable tie-downs. The optional locking bins built into the side of the bed, known as RamBox, are useful for storing tools or other small items.

Interior storage space is another area where the truck shines. Its center console is enormous and highly configurable. The Ram can be ordered with hidden compartment spaces in the rear floor, underneath the rear seats or in the back cushions themselves. The rear seat folds up as one piece or in a 60/40-split on higher trims.

The Ram 1500 has evolved into an aerodynamic and civilized pickup that drives unlike anything its size. The impressive rear suspension creates a cushioned and unbothered ride, while an unmatched interior feels truly special from any seat. The 12-inch screen and reclining rear seat never get old. Ram may have watered down the truck compared to more in-your-face versions of the past, but in its place is a much more well-rounded and competent vehicle for any job or outing.

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