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2020 Honda Accord: The Best Sedan | Edmunds Top Rated 2020

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The 2020 Honda Accord won Best Sedan in the 2020 Edmunds Top Rated Awards. A repeat winner, the Accord remains best in class thanks to a combination of smart interior space, upscale design and pleasing road manners. Simply, the Accord is the best midsize sedan.

2020 Honda Accord Review:

The Accord is a class leader. It's an undeniably compelling package, and it's enjoyable to drive. Some rival sedans might best the Accord in a few areas, but no other sedan puts it all together as well as this one.

We like how the Accord's engine and transmission respond quickly and provide sufficient power. The raw numbers aren't special — our as-tested 0-60 mph time of 8 seconds is average for a base engine in this segment — but the rapid response to driver input is. Honda's CVT automatic will try to "upshift" as much as possible to improve fuel economy, but it responds quickly and smoothly to requests for power when you need it.

The car corners well, sticking to the road with no drama, and the brakes feel natural and strong. Our panic-stop braking distance from 60 mph of 122 feet is an average result for a midsize sedan, and the Accord's brakes instill confidence thanks to arrow-straight stops. The steering, while accurate and easy, doesn't give you much feel for the road.

The Accord is quiet and comfortable in most situations. The front seats have well-placed headrests and comfortable back support, but the seat cushions don't have a lot of padding. Finding the right adjustment is important to staying comfortable on long drives. All climate settings can be adjusted with straightforward and clearly labeled manual controls, and the system regulates cabin temperature easily.

Honda also did a nice job integrating the infotainment system with the gauge cluster screen and optional head-up display. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay work well, and the near-field Bluetooth pairing is a neat trick.

Many active safety and driver aids come standard on the Accord, but blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert aren't standard on lower trims. The adaptive cruise control system mostly works well, but it sometimes picks up neighboring lanes in curves. Forward collision alert doesn't deliver false warnings, but it is very sensitive.

As it is, the Honda Accord is a sporty and competent sedan that's actually a lot of fun to whip through corners thanks to its stability.

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